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The Castle of Astypalaia

choraThe castle, a trademark of Astypalaia, until the 19th century was the only settlement on the island. All houses out of it saying the stables.

On current form he took in 1413 with the restoration of Giovanni IV Quirini. Built on a plateau 4,000 sq.m. selected for the defensive positions of the residents. The wall of the castle, forming a ring that essentially consists of two parallel walls in between the free spaces are formed in housing. The only entrance is flanked by two strong towers built with cornerstones.

The interior is built with low stafrolitho (an undeniable element of Frankish architecture). On the basis of the entrance portico which opens the right and left are stone benches that were used to sit and rest the people making social contacts and trade.
On the south side of the castle is the other tower, four stories known as Sarai and gazing over the sea. The castle had excellent drainage to ensure healthy living for residents.

The Astypaliotes day working out on land and in the evening in the castle closed from fear of robbers - pirates. Over the door of the castle is still a hole, the murderer, which threw hot water or let free bees to chase the robbers.
Major surgery at the gate of the castle is the construction of the temple dedicated to the Virgin Mary Annunciation. Built in the 19th century was demolished in 1853 as the residence of the Venetian family Quirini.

Inside the castle is the oldest church of St. George which was built in 1790. The space in front of the church was the Blatsa (square) where celebrations were feasts and dances of castle.
The castle suffered damage from earthquakes, bombing the Germans but also from the people who took the deserted houses of the building materials to build houses out of it.

Today it attracts visitors to the island without any special role in the life of modern Astypalaia.

Maltezana or Analipsi

maltezanaAstypalaia Maltezana or Analipsi Astypalaia is in the eastern part of the island and is the second largest settlement. In this section the terrain is different and beaches.The destination for Maltezana from Hora requires the passage of the Marmara beach where the only organized camping on the island. Then at the narrowest point, the natural isthmus of Astypalea, referring to two beautiful sandy beaches and shallow waters. After the close, before turning to the airport there is a plateau with a path leading to the beach Plates.

Maltezana Astypalea probably got its name from the Maltese pirates who used the bay as a safe hideout. The houses are scattered in a valley with green gardens, fertile farms with vegetables and flowers.The characteristic of Analipsi Astypalaia is the port with fishing boats and spread networks where daily supply of fresh fish.

The Analipsi Astypalea presents archaeological interest in the Roman baths, the floor decorated with geometric shapes and the basilica of chairs with mosaics.The Maltezana development is particularly upward in recent years about the accommodation options that vary between several hotels and rented rooms. Analipsis has many regular routes serving local transport residents, visitors



livadiTo reach Astypalea Livadi you have to follow after the country road from the windmills and descend in a westerly direction for Beautiful Livadi.

Livadi is a small coastal village where you look green! In this valley there are many orchards tangerine, pomegranate, lemon trees and vineyards.

On the northwest edge of the "back" of the valley has built the dam which collected the waters of streams, the rainy season.

This has formed an artificial lake which covers the island's needs in water. The dirt road in front of the barrier leads to the beautiful beach of Livadi leading to the bridge.


Pera Gialos

pera-gialosPera Gialos, "port" of Astypalea, the first vistitors "welcome" before operate the current port of St. Andrew. Where the blue bay tends to touch the island, starting the white house, amphitheater built to climb the hill. They look like a frothy wave of struggling to get up in the castle.

Today Gialos serves yachts and sailing in the new marina has been formed and the connections to the nearby islands. During the summer months, from here start boat for trips to beaches and islands.


Steno Beach

stenoSteno Beach is located in the middle of Astypalaia from where you can see the beutiful sea of Astypalaia from both sides.

Steno is known for its shallow water and its beutiful sand.


Agios Konstantinos Beach

agios-konstantinos-beachThe beach of Agios Konstantinos is located on the south side of Astypalaia. The beach is actually a beautiful, large, sandy bay with clear blue waters. The landscape around the beach is mountainous and rocky, with some scattered fruit trees lend a wild and rugged beauty of the area.

Protected from mass tourism, the beach is just the basic amenities such as sun loungers and parasols. There is a restaurant that offers good food at sea, but it is only open in summer.

 Vatses Beach

 Beach of Vatses  is located in the south west side of Astipalea In the distance of Seven Km from chora.
It is organized. Vatses has also a beach bar where you can enjoy cold cocktlails.  
The road to vatses is off road therefore a 4x4 is the goo option .







Kaminakia Beach

 Kaminakia  is located in the west south cost of 
Astypalaia island and it considered one of the best  places for swiming in the island.
In Kminakia Beach you can find  restaurants 
where you can enjoy fresh fish and local products.
You will enjoy the dirt road which leads to Kaminakia driving a 4x4.






Plakes Beach

Plakes is known for its crystal blue waters.
Located in south east part of astypalaia island
8.3 km from Hora.
Plakes is not organized and there is ten minutes walk path that leads to its beautiful shore .



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